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Harleyguy's Mental Asylum

Savatage Live: 1978 - 1989
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Criss Oliva Memorial Show Pictures - 2003
Savatage/TSO/JOP Memorabilia

This site is dedicated to
Jon Oliva,
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
and the memory of
Criss Oliva.

After the fiasco at Wacken
Savatage was officially pronounced dead.




Updated 8-2-2015


Trading Status


Unless you have any TSO/JOP/C2C/Savatage/Chris Caffery that i dont have.

I am updating my site as i have a lot to add to it from the past months so things may look a little dishevelled. Revamping Navigation, Adding artwork etc.

If you have any Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Jon Oliva's PAIN or Savatage

Let me know ASAP!!!!!

Would it kill ya to sign my Guestbook???

Or are you that lazy???

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