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Some Of The Dates May Be Incorrect. I've Done My Best To Try And Track Down The Exact Dates Using All Of The Savatage Sites I Know Plus The Savatage Tour History As Well As www.realsavatage.com.
If you know of anyone that has anything NOT listed please feel free to email me.
I am always in search of stuff i dont have.
 PL E A S E !!!
Email me with any info you have on how i can aquire upgrades!!!

Savatage Compilations & Misc


Date: Feb 1997 From The Band "Lame - 4 Hours To Nowhere"
Location: Deep Cut Studio's, Clearwater, FL

Rating: A
Track Listing: Potatoe, Baggage, Believe, Wake Up, Ripe
( I include this because it contains a very cool rendition of Savatage's Believe)


Date: Streets - A Tribute To Savatage  2003
Location: Florida
Rating: A+
Track Listing: Jesus Saves, Gutter Ballet, Edge Of Thorns


Date: 25th Anniversay Bootleg Collection
Location: Multiple Shows
Rating: A
(24 Bit Kimmo Remaster)
Track Listing: Includes - Cleveland 10-15-87, Tampa 6-15-86, Munich 2-19-90, Interview w/Jon & Doc From 97 Underground Baltimore, MD 3-21-88. Bouns Tracks


Date: Backhill Project - Tribute To Savatage  2010
Location: Kimmo's Studio

Rating: A+
Track Listing: Gutter Ballet, Power Of The Night, Strange Wings, Edge Of Thorns


Date: Remastered - Hall Of The Mountain King 2012
Location: Mr Dingles House
Rating: A
Track Listing: 24 Hours Ago, Hounds, Beyond The Doors Of The Dark, Legions, Strange Wings, Prelude To Madness, Hall Of The Mountain King, The Price You Pay, White Witch, Last Dawn, Devastation, This Is Where You Should Be, (Live From The Cleveland Agora 10/15/87 Hall Of The Mountain King, Power Of The Night, Devastation 


Streets Narration Sample

Date: Streets - Remastered With Narration 2012
Location: The Dungeon
Rating: A
Track Listing: Streets, Jesus Saves, Strange Reality, A Little Too Far, You're Alive, Sammy & Tex, St.Patricks, Can You Hear Me Now, NYC Dont Mean Nothing, Ghost In The Ruins, If I Go Away, Agony & Ecstasy, Heal My Soul, Somewhere In Time, Believe

1983 Demos
Power Of The Night Demos (3 Songs)
1989 Demo's And Live
Defenders Of The Faith 1990
USA 1990
1993 Edge Of Thorns Rough Mix
1993 Edge Of Thorns Promo Sampler
1994 Chance Promo
1995 Doesnt Matter Anyway Promo
Dead Winter Dead Advance Tape
Unlease The Unreleased
10 Years Of Madness (Tribute To Criss Oliva)
Another Chapter In The Play...(Tribute To Zak Stevens)
Madness Reigns
Gutter Ballet Demos
Acoustic Bonus Tracks 
Gutter Ballads Compilation
Mentally Yours (89-90)
Mentally Yours (Kimmo Remaster) 
She's In Love(1990)
Live Devastation
Streets Demos
From The Dungeon To The Stage
Live And Alive