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Jon Oliva's Pain DVD's


Made By Fans For The Fans
If It Wasnt Authored By Me Or One Of My Buds, Then It May Be Of Questionable Quality.
Look For The Union Label!!
* - A Metal Dungeon Production
** - An Evil Dick Production
*** - A Mental Asylum Production

*Criss Oliva Memorial Concert 10-17-03 (Not For Trade)
The Masquarade - Tampa, Fl
Debut Performance Of "The Jon Oliva Project"
Features Video Captured From A Digital Camera Of "Father, Son & Holy Ghost" Edit Text


Sun & Steel Festival 3-7-04
Tampa, Fl

** Boomerz Boiler Room 12-11-04 (2DVD)
Seminole, Fl
1-CAM fan tripod recording (with zoom-ins)
(127 M) (MP2) [A/A-]
(Notes:  Nice recording – the only negative is the club lighting is not real strong, so the result is a slightly grainy outcome)


** The Disgrace In Your Face 12-18-04
Thessaloniki, Greece
Also Available Different Camera Angle
May Try To Redo As 2 Camera Mix Someday.


** Unleashed In Greece 12-19-04 (2DVD)
Rodon Live, Athens
1-CAM fan camcorder recording
(AC3/2.0) [A-] (Source Digital Hi8 Master VHS DVD-R)
Also Available Different Camera Angle
May Try To Redo As 2 Camera Mix Someday.


** Unplugged In Greece 12-20-04 (2DVD)
The An Club Athens
1-CAM Fan camcorder (with zoom-ins)
(117 M) (AC3/2.0) [A-] (Source Digital Hi8 Master VHS DVD-R)
(Note: Rare unplugged show – great set-list - Jon was a little under the weather so his voice was toast – band and crowd having a great time!)
This is being redon to incorporate a second camera angle.
Also Available Different Camera Angle Plus Soundcheck
Also Available As 2 Camera Mix DL Disc


**Dynamo Festival 5-7-05
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
1- CAM Fan handheld camcorder show (with zoom-ins)
(51 M) (AC3/5.1) [A] (Source Digital Hi8 Master VHS DVD-R)
(Note:  Audio dubbed from soundboard – nice festival show with abbreviated set list)


** Live In Weert 5-11-05
The Netherlands
1-CAM Band tripod recording – filmed in "long shot" with no zoom-ins
(100 M) (AC3/2.0) [A-]  (Source Digital Hi8 Master VHS DVD-R)
Bonus Feature - The db "Guardian of Forever" 7 minute slideshow movie
(Note: Audio is distorted – recommended for "die-hards" only)


** Live At Hofterlo 5-13-05
Antwerpen, Belgium
1-CAM Band tripod recording – filmed in "long shot" with no zoom-ins
(115 M) (AC3/2.0) [A-] (Source DV Master SA DVR Revamped DVD-R)


** A Hard Days Night At The Rock Hard Festival 
Gelsenkirchen, Germany


** A Nightmare On Bourbon Street 5-21-05 (2DVD)
New Port Richey, Fl
1-CAM Fan tripod recording (with zoom-ins)
(111 M) (AC3/2.0) [A/A-] (Source DV Camcorder Master DVD-R)
(Note:  Lots of low level red light on stage – DV camcorder struggles with this and the result is quite a bit of film graininess)
Now Also Available - Evil Dick Revamp On 1 DL Disc


**Tradate Iron Fest 6-4-05
Tradate, Italy 6-4-05


** The Tracigal Misery Tour 9-15-05 (2DVD)
Jaxx Nightclub Springfield, VA
2-CAM-MIX – Fan recorded - Both cameras on tripods (with zoom-ins) (91 M) (AC3/2.0) [A+/A] (Source DV Masters DVD-R)
(Note:  I have this in both single-layer and dual-layer format.  The DVD9 is encoded at the maximum possible bit-rate allowed, and also includes my 7 minute slideshow movie for the song "Guardians of Forever")


**Live At Z7 10-08-05
Pratteln, Switzerland


Live In Andernach 4-28-06
Juz-Live-Club Andernach
2 Camera Mix - Need To Correct Artwork


***Plugged In PAIN
Aalst, Belgium, Pestpop Festival 4-29-06
Shot From The View Of The Stage.


***/**Acoustic PAIN
Pestpop - Aalst, Belgium 4-30-06


**Metal Dayz 2006
Footage From
Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland 8-5-06
Metal Camp Festival - Tomlin, Slovenia 7-21-06


**Bourbon Street 11-25-06
Bourbon Street Nightclub - New Port Richey, Fl - 25 Nov 2006
3-CAM-MIX - 2 cams in the rear of club on tripods - 1 cam down front of stage (with zoom-ins)
(113 M) (LPCM 2.0) [A]  (Source 3 DV Camcorder Masters)


**Live In Germany 4-16-07
Markthalle - Hamburg, Germany
2DVD or 1 DL Disc


Live In Belgium 4-20-07
Aalst, Belgium
Pestpop-Festival Kickoff, (Acoustic Show)
1DVD - (Need Artwork)

Live In Belgium 4-21-07
Aalst, Belgium
Pestpop-Festival, (Electric Show)
1DVD - (Need Artwork)

***World Of Metal Interview 6-24-07
Interview With JOP At Chris Kinder's House

Progpower Europe 7-10-07
Full Show
Shot Fron Near The Stage. Audio Is A Little Distorted But Very Watchable

***Progpower Europe & Weert 2007
Excerpts Taken From The
Progpower Europe - October 7, 2007
De Bosuil, Weert - April 1, 2007
For The JOP Diehards!!
This Is Not A Complete Show But Only
Bits And Pieces Of Each Show.
There Are Only About 4 Or 5 Songs Played
In Their Entirety
But....The Closups Are Amazing And The Clarity Superb.


Tribute To Greg "Super G" Marchak
Slide Show
4 Songs And Slide Show Dedicated To Super G

Italia Grins Again 5-02-08
Fillmore - Piacenza, Italy
1 DL Disc


Masters Of The Viper Club 5-03-08
Viper Club - Florence, Italy


**Promising Salvation To Strays
Club Stage - Athens, Greece


**Live In Thessaloniki, Greece 5-11-08
Club Liebe - Thessaloniki, Greece


**Bourbon Street 9-20-08
Bourbon Street Nightclub - New Port Richey, Fl0rida
1DL Disc -2-CAM-MIX


**/***Live At JAXX 10-10-08
JAXX Nightclub - Springfield, VA
2 Camera Shoot With Band Permission. Video And Audio Recorded By Me And Down Front Dude Dave Soloff From VA.
DVD Authoring By Evil Dick


Metal Express Radio
Interview 2009 - Jon Oliva And Band Being Interviewed. Also Included Is A Video From Tom McDyne's Band "Dorian" Called Sirens Scream

Seminole Music & Sound 5-8-10(1DL)
Seminole, FL
Shot With Band Permission. Video And Audio Recorded By Evil Dick.
DVD Authoring By Evil Dick


Graspop Festival 6-27-10
Pro-Shot. Taken from Youtube Video's And Reassembled By My Buddy Mr.Dingle And Authored.
Nicely Done. Sweet Show!


Birthday Greetings Jon (Old) Oliva July 2010
A Birthday Poem, Tall Tales & Stories.
Photos, Clips & Recordings From before Time Began.
Made And Sent To Me By Keith Collins.


Tilburg 10-15-10
Poppodium 13, Tilburg, Netherlands
1DL DVD and Blu-Ray
(Need Artwork)

Celebrating The Life And Music Of Matt LaPorte 7-23-11
Fergs - St.Pete, FL
Rating: A


Hall Of The Mountain King Anniversary 
The Ritz, Ybor City, Florida
Multi Camera Rating: A


Graspop Metal Meeting 6/26/2012
Dessel, Belgium
Rating: A
Taken From Webcast. This is a CD/DVD Combo


Storytellers Tour 12-3-2013
The Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY
Rating: A
1 DL DVD and Blu-Ray (Need Artwork)

Storytellers Tour 12-8-2013
Mojoes - Joliet, IL
Rating: A
DVD and Blu-Ray