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6 Degrees Of Savatage


Ethyl Mertz
Date: 7-19-96
Location: Peoples Pub - Elwood, NY
Rating: A (CD & DVD)
Track Listing: Let It Be, Rock Steady, I'm Eighteen, Aint That A Shame, Tush
Notes: Al Pitrelli, Jon Oliva, Tommy Farese, Derek Sherinian 


Wicked Witch
Date: 1991
Location: Demos
Rating: A
Track Listing: Soul To Fire, Breakdown, This Time, Just A Game, The Moment, Midnight Rain, Just A Game(v2), The Moment(v2), Breakdown, This Time, Soul To Fire
Notes: Zak Stevens and Jeff Plates Band Prior To Joining Savatage. Tracks 1-8 Digitally Remastered)

Matt LaPorte
Change Of Venue 1998
Once More......With Feeling
Jane Mangini and Al Pitrelli's Band
The Birchemere - Alexandria, VA 4-12-05 (1CD)
The Birchemere - Alexandria, VA 4-13-05 (1CD)
The Winchester - Cleveland, OH 2006 (2CD)
The Winchester - Cleveland, OH 3-17-07 (2CD)
Special Guests - Kelly Keeling and Max Mann
The Winchester - Cleveland, OH 3-17-07 (2DVD)
Video Was Shot At A Different Framerate So It Looks A Little Funky But Still Watchable.
The Winchester - Cleveland, OH 3-15-08 (2CD)
The Winchester - Cleveland, OH 3-15-08 (1DL DVD)
Special Guests - Erin Henry and Kelly Keeling
Mt.Haven Inn, Milford, PA 4-26-08 (2CD)
Special Guests - Erin Henry and Kelly Keeling
Alex Skolnick Trio
**JAXX - Springfield, VA 10-23-04 (Need Artwork)
**JAXX - Springfield, VA 7-10-06 (Need Artwork)
*Schenectady, NY 8-31-06
**Chicago, IL 6-16-07 (Need Artwork)
Apache Cafe - Atlanta, GA 3-11-08 (Need Artwork)
Keith Collins
CD Sampler Featuring Music From Solar City & Krunch
DVD Video History - Contains Solar City 1981(Atlantis, Warriors, Get You) - Avatar 1982(Devastation) - Savatage 1983(Son Of A Bitch) - Savatage 1985(The Whip) - Keith Kollins Krunch(Assailants From Hell,1988 - Amplified Homocide,1990 - Return Of The Sirens,1991) - TRAX Interview 1991
(Not For Trade)

Damond Jiniya
Under The Gun - A Tribute To Matt LaPorte And Greg Marcheck
Featuring: Damond Jiniya, Jon Oliva, Matt Laporte, John Zahner, Greg Marcheck, Jeff Eschbach and Steve Wright
(Not For Trade)

Machines Of Grace
September 13, 2009
Club Europa, Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Setlist: Psychotic, Just A Game, Promises, Bleed, The Moment, Between The Lines, Fly Away, Soul To Fire
Zak Stevens (Vocals)
Matt Leff (Guitars)
Chris Rapoza (Bass)
Jeff Plate (Drums)